About Me:

​As a mother of two vibrant teenagers and sister of a sibling with Down Syndrome I am well versed in the obstacles and surprises life can throw at you.  It takes hard work, focus and dedication to pursue your goals while making faith and family your priority... but if I can do it, so can you!  

I find the key to pursuing my many passions (which range from my career in fitness training and competitions to modeling, acting and writing) is never sleeping!  LOL - Just kidding!  It's about organization and preparation.    

I recently began a new chapter in my life as a competition and personal trainer at Gold's Gym.  I am very excited about beginning this new phase of my career and sharing my passion for body building and fitness.  Whether your goal is to place at the nationally renowned Arnold Classic or just get yourself  into being mentally and physically fit for your everyday life, I can help you achieve your goals.

In addition to my body building / fitness training experience and certifications I am also a certified Pilates instructor!  Here's a full list of my certifications:

NCCPT: Rock Hard Back

NCCPT: Rock Hard Arms

NCCPT: Rock Hard Chest

NCCPT: Certified Personal Trainer


Balanced Body: Reformer 1 and Movement Principles (Pilates)

​Balanced Body: Mat 1 and Movement Principles (Pilates)

Balanced Body: Mat 2 Module (Pilates)

Pursuing these certifications and a fitness career was a natural progression for me after years of competing on stage in both fitness and swimsuit competitions.  I have experienced the industry first hand from many angles and have a wealth of knowledge to offer!

Although my focus is now more centered on training I am still active on the fitness competition circuit as well as in modeling, acting and writing.  I am a certified SAG/AFTRA Union member and have appeared in multiple regional and national TV shows, films and ad campaigns.  (My resume and vitals can be found below)...  

Amongst my current projects I am developing an original comic book "Super EveL"

in which the heroine battles to save the health of our country.  Super EveL uses organic

apples to change people's hearts and get them back to eating from Mother Earth; food

fresh and prepared - not packaged - making eating healthy and fun!

Stay tuned for updates on this project and contact me with any feedback or questions!

Resume / Vitals:

Full Name: Eve Lorae Freeman

Height: 5'2" -  Weight: 102 lbs.  -  35D/23.5/34   -  Age Range:  28-42

Eyes: Hazel/Green  -  Hair: Blonde (long)  -   Teeth: Natural

Modeling / Acting Experience

Film / TV

Asheville Regional TV: Host / Guest - Allergy Partners (Tim Martin)

Swamp Fox TV: Host - Tim Norwood Channel 4

Salisbury Post: Host - MarketplaceMiner.com

Let's Find Out: Co-Host - David Shifter / ABC Regional

Nopi Show: Host - Spike TV

Don't Go To Sleep : Guest Star - Ivan Batista/Telemundo

Beach TV: Cub Hour Host - Marvin Cauley

Going to California: Featured/Promo - Showtime TV

SportsTown: Featured/Guest - David Benz/WAMI 69

Girls of Venus Swimwear: Featured - Lou Maggio/Pay Per View

Girls of Hawaiian Tropic: Model - Sterling Rice Productions

Sports Illustrated Power Issue: Model - Arnold Classic

No Limits Fitness: Model - Lou Maggio


Heineken/Swordfish: Girl Pawing on John Travolta - Cable/COPPOS Films

Mammoth Golf: Featured - Opfer Communications

NuBrilliance: Infomercial Host - Tom Jourden


Moonlight and Magnolias: Lead/Ms Poppenghul - Jim Epperson/Meroney Theater

Nobody Sings Anymore: Lead/Emily - Harrison Theater Group


Miss Hawaiian Tropic: OVERALL titles in 3 states; top 25 in Hawaiian Tropic International

Venus Swimwear OVERALL titles in 2 states

Fitness America winner Bikini top 5

RockStar Bikini Competition (Arnold Classic): top 5 2013


             The Actor's Lab (Charlotte, NC) 

Actors Connection (NYC)

Chez Group Cold Reading  (Atlanta) 

The Secret Handshake (Durham, NC)

The Talent Source Improv (Wilmington, NC)

Scene Study (South Carolina)

Acting in the Business (Durham, NC)

Special Skills

Mother of two


Snow Skiing

Animal Lover

Body Building

Scuba (NASDS & PADI)

Southern and Non-Southern Dialect




Cart Wheels


Make-Up Artist

NCCPT Certified Trainer

Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor




Costume and Swimsuit designer

Experience working with Down Syndrome children

Degree in Business Management

Performance Skills

Voiceover, Teleprompter, Host, Dancing, Stunts, Improvisation

Available for opportunities in... 

Calendar, Editorial, Fitness, Infomercial, Magazine, Print, Promotional, Runway, Sports, Swimwear, Tradeshow

Final Thoughts

I love beautiful things that project and present well.  So whether it's painting, theater, writing or body sculpting in the gym - I'm a true artist at heart.  I feel my life experience continues as God shows me and everything compliments the last.

That's me! (third from the left) in my

Arnold Classic debut in 2013!

In addition to my other interests I have designed handcrafted competition costumes / swimsuits.  I'm mostly retired from this work but would consider a worthwhile project!

​Let it Happen... Flow Not Force!